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Social Life in the Pandemic

My social life was pretty limited even before the whole quarantine/social-distancing thing. And that didn’t bother me much. After busy days on the ranch, we were tired. Going out didn’t hold much appeal. And we’ve grown too lazy (or smart) to drive to larger towns for entertainment.

Governor says schools will open in fall

While COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, case counts, hospitalizations and deaths increased last week, more and more Texans ventured out of their homes with the deadly coronavirus showing no sign of abatement.

Never again this summer

Every summer, I’ve suggested we not purchase more new plants or trees. It’s too much work getting them established. All I wanted this year was a few flowers for hanging baskets and mulch for the beds. I’ve spent way too much of these last summers working outside--- hot, covered up against the sun and as protected as possible against chiggers--- trying to keep things going. Not fun.