Meridian sets new rules on shipping container storage


Allen D. Fisher REPORTER

Meridian City Council created an ordinance that would restrict the use of shipping containers as temporary storage units only.

The measure was taken Monday after several requests in residential areas to use shipping containers as permanent storage and City Admin Marie Garland didn’t think they would look good.

“We’re getting a lot of requests for possible shipping containers at residents for storage purposes,” said Garland at Monday’s meeting. “Someone was driving around and saw someone using one in the driveway that a resident was using to remodel a bathroom that had flooded.”

Council members agreed with Garland and a permit is required for a shipping container that will be limited to a 45-day period. “They can keep it more

“They can keep it more than 45 days, they just have to come back for another permit,” said Meridian Police Chief Will Stevens.

“They can also be charged $200 a day if it’s not in compliance.”

The ordinance only concerns residential areas in Meridian.

In other business, Meridian raised the security deposit amount for the use of bulk water meters used by local contractors.

The deposit was $100 for the bulk water meters that attach to fire hydrants. After a contractor took one with them that cost the city approximately $1,500 a meter, Council raised the required deposit to $1,200.

There are currently three contractors using those meters in Meridian.

Council also approved:

–Meridian Parks and Recreation to apply for grants for new trash cans to be place in Meridian and Lions Park. There are 15 new trash cans planned for park improvements at $419 apiece.

–Council also approved bids of $100 for six of the old jailhouse doors and a steel toilet for $10.