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Meridian community rallies to help local family after devastating accident

On a beautiful day in 2008, 5 year old Garrett Murphy was with his family on a vacation in Colorado. The air was crisp and the mountains were inspiring. The scenic views were everything that could be desired to compliment the good times being shared with loved ones. On this fine day, Garrett went with his young cousins to explore some trails using an All-terrain vehicle. And that is when tragedy struck. A sudden stop necessitated by an obstruction in the trail threw Garrett off the back of the four wheeler, where he was riding, and he careened face-first into gravel road.

Collecting and testing soil samples

February has brought into the Extension Office an increase in calls and visits with questions on how to collect soil samples and to get collection bags. With the warmer temperatures recently, and spring on the horizon, people are starting to think about fertilizing pastures and getting their gardens ready for planting.

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Tough competition at Fort Worth Stock Show

Bosque County 4-H had 11 different individuals competing at this year’s Fort Worth Stock Show. The first to compete were our Plant ID Teams. The senior division team (pictured bottom) of Mathew Murphy, Sarah Tyler, Stephen Murphy and the junior division team of Rebekah Tyler, Timothy Murphy and Sophia Neumann worked hard and competed well but fell short of a top placing. This competition is very tough - contestants are given 45 seconds to identify, write the common name, and check the characteristics of each of the 40 plant specimens in the contest. The 40 specimens are selected out of a master list of 129 Texas adaptable plants on the master list.


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